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Canvas Data Reserved Mode

Canvas Data Reserved Mode

What is Canvas Data Reserved Mode?

When in Reserved Mode, some tables in an account are paused. An account enters Reserved Mode when the Canvas Data Portal has not been accessed or a download has not been requested for at least 14 days.


Reserved Mode occurs per account. If an account has multiple Canvas Data admins, the account will enter Reserved Mode only if all the Canvas Data admins do not access the Canvas Data portal for at least 14 days.


How will I know if my account is in Reserved Mode?

Accounts automatically enter Reserved Mode after a 14-day period of inactivity. Admins are not notified. If you open the Canvas Data Portal and see fewer populated tables than usual, and have not accessed the Canvas Data Portal in at least 14 days, your account is in Reserved Mode.


Can I access data from the time my account was in Reserved Mode?

Yes, all data is collected while the account is in Reserved Mode. Tables that are updated frequently will be available in the Canvas Data Portal as usual. All other tables will be automatically archived.


What data is available while the account is in Reserved Mode?

While in Reserved Mode, the following tables will be available in the Canvas Data Portal:

  • account_dim
  • course_dim
  • course_ui_canvas_navigation_dim
  • course_ui_navigation_item_dim
  • course_ui_navigation_item_fact
  • requests
  • all catalog files


How can I retrieve my data from Reserved Mode?

To access archived data, download a file from the Canvas Data Portal or click the View All Files link in the portal. Additionally, making a download request using the CanvasDataCLI or making a request to the Canvas Data API will allow you to access the archived data.


Once a file has been downloaded or a request using the CanvasDataCLI has been made, all data will be available in the Canvas Data Portal within 24 hours.

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