Can't Copy a Quiz from Commons or Course without Overwriting

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Each week my students complete a worksheet -which I have set up as a Canvas quiz using "essay" answers. The questions asked are the same each week, only the title of the quiz changes. (Essentially the students reflect on what they've learned so the questions are the same) 

Rather than rewrite the set of questions 10 times (for 10 modules) , I thought I would create one "quiz"and then keep duplicating and renaming it. I've wasted about 5 hours on this and should have just  rewritten the questions over and over again!

I tried creating one quiz and  importing the quiz from the existing course back into the existing course. This was slow going but eventually I had about 5 of them. I created a duplicate, gave it anew name and then tried to copy both of the new quizzes. Only one copied. I just kept this up and imported one at a time and then renamed each one. 

By the time I had 9 of these quizzes (one created in the course and 8 "imported," Canvas completely gave out and would no longer allow me to import a quiz. Each time I imported a quiz, one of the existing quizzes would disappear. I kept this up for hours - and I still don't understand why I can't just keep importing these - but apparently that's a bug.

Next, I tried sharing one of the quizzes to commons so that I could import it that way. The same thing has happened. So now I have 9 quizzes, each renamed with different names to represent the topic being covered each week - but for the life of me, I cannot get the 10th quiz in. 

This seems like it should be a very, very basic function. There should be a way to duplicate a quiz or even a page without difficulty. I notice that I have no trouble duplicating rubrics. The new rubric is automatically renamed with a -1 at the end of the name. Why can't quizzes and files be copied the same way? I can't believe that I am the only person who uses a consistent worksheet week after week with only the title changed. What if a teacher just wanted to run a weekly quiz asking students to identify the "muddiest point" they found for the weekly topic covered?Is there a way to do this?

Sorry for the long post. In essence, this is my issue: Each week my students are presented with information about a topic and each week they complete a type of reflection quiz. I want the questions to be the same each week and have only the topic change. In an electronic environment, I should not have to recreate this every week. I should be easily able to duplicate the worksheet and give it a new name. How can I do this in Canvas?

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Yes, thank you. I got it to work!

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I had also filed a support ticket at my University's IT and got a reply that it is possible to copy a whole quiz by re-importing it from the same course.

So I started making my course material. I started out with a quiz called "Case #1" which is a set of 7 well-validated questions on PET/CT in lung cancer (see my publication in Acta Radiologica Open - doi: 10.1177/2058460119860231).

I adapted it to the new case that I had chosen for my new course in the 10th term and I ended up with 9 questions one hour later. (It took 1 hour since I had to read the entire PET/CT and fill in the correct information in my quiz.) I then imported the quiz "Case #1" from the same course. I got to instances both called "Case #1". I changed the name of one of the two to "Case #2", and started editing it. One hour later I had "Case #1" with 9 questions and "Case #2" with 10. Super! This is what I wanted.

Now I wanted to start with "Case #3". To this end, I re-imported the quiz "Case #2". I ended up with 3 instances of "Case #2" with 10 questions each, but my original "Case #1" was overwritten. One our of work was lost. 

I remember to have written somewhere (but I have forgotten where) that the first action on the import of some object in Canvas is a "copy" but that the 2nd action on the import of the same object is a "clone". This is a silly convention, all the worse when what is the same object is not apparent to the user. Remember that I had called the 2nd instance "Case #2", but apparently Canvas thought it was another instance of "Case #1" .

This limitation in Canvas is in my opinion absolutely hopeless. For my own courses - when I decide -  I use Moodle LMS, which I think is far superior in every aspect except design. Unfortunately, I am held hostage by my university's choice of LMS and I am forced to use Canvas, if I want or not.

Is there anybody who can help me? 

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