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Hey guys I an new to this community, but I think I am at the place where I can get some help. Our school is in its second year of using Canvas, and we are looking for ways to design courses that make sharing to the commons with each-other easy.

Many teachers that use Canvas use the google cloud assignment external tool and the google drive external tool. When those courses or modules are shared with other teachers those external tools are broken. Is there something wrong with our setup, or is that just the way it works? 

Should I just be teaching the teachers to include all of their files on the course and not use external tools. Any advice would be appreciated.

Kevin Kaeser

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Community Coach

Greetings! I already responded to this question on your other post - - so I went ahead and shared that with the general Q & A group in the Community and am closing this to comments. Moving forward, if you'd like to have a post visible to multiple groups, you can "share" the question with other groups once you create it. 

Hope this helps! Kona

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