Canvas Credentials CSM Newsletter- September 2023



Hello, Canvas Credentials users!

September is in full swing! We hope that your institution had a great fall start. In this newsletter, we wanted to share our InstructureCon presentations, introduce you to a new team member, and keep you up to date on the latest product release!  If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see in upcoming newsletters, please email

InstructureCon Sessions
Three inspiring days of learning, excitement, and connection with the best community in edtech. To everyone who attended InstructureCon 2023, thank you for creating new moments with us! For those of you who were not able to attend, please check out the recordings


Webinar and Digital Badge Summit at Florida Gulf Coast University

Following their InstructureCon presentation, the team at Florida Gulf Coast University is running an office hours-style webinar on September 18th.  This webinar is great for anyone who wants to learn more about how they have developed an innovative digital badging program, from engaging employers on the skills needed, to surfacing those skills in the classroom and badging them, to employers guaranteeing a first interview with those who have the credentials. 


Additionally, they are also hosting a Digital Badge Summit on Jan 30-31 in Fort Myers, Florida. Check out the page for more information. 

Meet our new teammate!



Melanie Baker, MA

With a B.S. in Computer Science from Hampton University, I embarked on a journey that began as a US Army Veteran, where I honed an unwavering commitment to excellence and disciplined leadership. Transitioning into education, I assumed various roles such as Teacher, Administrator, and School District Instructional Technology Specialist across institutions like Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Armed with a Master of Arts in Teaching from Purdue University, my aspiration was to blend technology and pedagogy to elevate the learning experience.

Fueled by curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I pursued and earned a Certification in Instructional Technology Systems from UNC Charlotte. This credential paved the way for me to excel as a Technical Implementation Analyst at Segra (formerly NorthState Technology Solutions), effectively bridging the gap between technological solutions and real-world applications.

Shifting from the corporate realm, I assumed the role of a Multi-Client Learning Consultant, deftly addressing diverse educational needs across varying contexts. This journey led me to becoming a Principal Learning Consultant in the State of Nevada, where I played a pivotal role in reshaping educational strategies and architecting an implementation plan to bolster the Canvas Learning Management System throughout the state.

Today, my role as a  Customer Success Manager (CSM) is dedicated to empowering both students and institutions to effectively showcase their achievements. Beyond my professional feats, I enthusiastically embrace life's pleasures, from passionately cheering for professional sports teams—particularly the Hornets—to leading an active and health-conscious lifestyle. My enjoyment of Salsa, kickball, exercise, and exploration of fine wines speaks to my well-rounded nature.

My story is one of resilience, unending growth, and the harmonious combination of diverse passions. I firmly believe in the power of continuous self-improvement and the seamless integration of varied interests.

8/28 Product Release Notes

In this Canvas Badges/Credentials release (28 August), by default, newly created custom certificates are disabled. Additionally, admins and Issuers can set a date to award badges upon completion of a course.

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Consultancy and Training Hours
Our consultants focus on the people side of change. With our educational background and knowledge, we understand the challenges you’ll face with rolling out any new initiative -  whether it’s new software like Canvas or launching a credentialing program. Our strategic approach aims to create a deep connection between teaching, learning, engagement, and technology. We have the skills, tools, processes, and education expertise to make change easy for your users and to sustain long-term adoption. 

Our Strategic consulting services will help you increase the speed of adoption, deepen and elevate usage, and improve the overall student experience. For more details, please contact


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