Canvas Credentials Product Update July 2022


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This release has in it, among other things, LTI 1.3. We know many of you use Canvas as your LMS and have been eagerly awaiting this upgrade, and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver it! 


We hope you’ll set aside a little time to take a look around, then reach out to us with your thoughts and any questions you may have. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.


Please note there isn’t any action required of you at this time. This release does not impact your existing configurations or integrations. We hope you are as excited as we are to take advantage of the new features, though. 


To use the new LTI, you will need to install an upgrade. Documentation for doing so is included in the release notes.


If you have already installed the upgrade and are currently using the beta version of LTI 1.3, you will see the updates automatically and won’t need to do anything more.


Here is an overview of what to expect:


  • Groups is out of beta and is officially live!
  • Customized leaderboard points: Specify a weight for each badge so recipients receive a different number of leaderboard points for different badges.
  • Combined legacy LTI and pathways LTI functionality: Separate pathways LTIs for each course are no longer needed. (Canvas and Blackboard only)
  • Auto subscribe learners to pathways: Groups for courses are created automatically, and all students enrolled in the course are automatically added to the group. (Canvas and Blackboard only)
  • Automatic badge award triggering: The LTI sync will now occur automatically at least once every 24 hour period. (Canvas and Blackboard only)
  • More trigger options: Badges can be awarded automatically based on course grade and/or individual assignments. (Canvas only)
  • Options for Canvas admins to preauthorize the issuers or organization for courses to use, and to prevent the use of personal issuers. (Canvas only)
  • Lots of interface and user experience improvements!


Also of note is Credentials documentation has been added, here, to the Instructure Community and will be maintained there from now on. Knowledge Base articles will soon start automatically redirecting to the new content: Canvas Credentials/Badges (Badgr) - Instructure Community 


If you want to subscribe to receive updates to any Community content (like, for example, release notes), you can do so using these instructions: Subscriptions 


We asked many of you for assistance as we worked on these improvements, and we are tremendously grateful to you for answering that call. Your guidance was invaluable and we are very proud and excited about the end result. We hope you love the new features as much as we do!


Happy badging!


All the best,

Your Canvas Credentials CSM Team