Assigning multiple recipient data for a badge

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Badges seem to be only allocated to single recipients, so e.g. either an email address or an URL. Is there any way to assign multiple recipient data to a single badge/award, so that it can relate both to an URL and one (or several) email addresses?

Note: in the Open Badges specification the AchievementSubject supports an array of IdentityObject, thus being able to include an e-mail, an URL, etc. (supported types here:

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Community Coach

Thank you @Pablo7 for providing the link to the Open Badges specification. As you noted, the Canvas implementation only has email and URL as the identifier for the recipient. I would use URL as the identifier and link to a page that has all the data you want to share.

I’m going to mark my response as a solution, but there can be more than one. I hope our colleagues here in the Community can share other options for your dilemma.

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