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Badgr LTI naming/versions/editions/options

I'm the admin for our instance and have questions about the LTI/versions.

  • Badgr LTI
  • Badgr LTI (Pro)
  • Badgr Pathways LTI
  • Badgr Groups LTI

Is Badgr Groups LTI == Badgr LTI 1.3 aka Badgr at badgr.com: Badgr in Canvas LMS?

If I click "Upgrade Course" in the 1.1 integration, what actually happens? What if I don't have the ability to add LTI apps?

It appears that if I add the 1.3 integration, then I have to reenter the same email I used for the 1.1 integration, but the end result is the same as "upgrade course"?

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May I add "Canvas Credentials" to the list of Badgr names?

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