Can we use Canvas Badges?

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I work in Continuing Education and we are currently researching the use of digital badges in our upcoming online programs. Our university has decided not to move forward with Canvas Credentials at this time due to the initial cost investment, however we are still researching free or low-cost options for badging and have been looking into Canvas Badges.

Our university manages and administers our Canvas instance, and I'm unsure if we are able to issue and manage digital badges in our courses without having to go through an integrated solution within Canvas. I've looked into award and QR codes where earners can claim badges outside of Canvas, without the need to go through the "Badges" menu in Canvas, but I'm not sure if this is possible.

Can we use Canvas Badges using external claim codes without the need for full Canvas integration? I've created an issuer account in Canvas Badges and created a test badge, and looked into how to use the badge in a test course, but I'm unsure what to do next. I'm completely new to this, so please forgive me if my question or understanding of this system is incorrect.

Thank you!

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Yes! Canvas Badges can be used without a Canvas Credentials license. This allows you to automatically award the badge when students complete a module that has activities for them to demonstrate outcome achievement for the course.

Privacy and security link on the user menu.Privacy and security link on the user menu.You will need the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Config URL for your issuer, which you can access from the Privacy and security setting from your account on With that information, you can connect your issuer to each Canvas course where your instructors will award badges. 

The following documents from the Canvas Badges guides that will be helpful:

Setting module completion requirements in Canvas 

Automatically awarding badges in Canvas courses 

Note that awarding via claim codes and QR codes requires a Canvas Credentials license, but it is possible to award badges outside of Canvas. The following document has information on individual and bulk badge award directly from your issuer page on

How do I award badges to learners in Canvas Badges? 

Awarding badges to a group of recipients (in bulk) 

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