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Student Badges Not Being Awarded AND Being Awarded Without Anyone Issuing Them!

At the moment, we are using Badgr, It is not Badgr Pro.  We have two different courses that have become problematic. The first course is a student course. Each time the students complete a module they should receive a badge. This intermittently stops working. Each student that has said they are not receiving their badges, I have gone into their account to verify, and they are correct. I was told by Badgr to do an Export which would “push” the badges into the student’s account. I did this and it worked, but several more times the same thing would occur and that was the “fix”. I was unsure if this meant there was something wrong with the way Badgr was working in our Canvas instance, or if this was normal?

The second issue is within an instructor course that is used for issuing a badge after an instructor has completed the requirements for what we call Design Camp. There were two different issues. The first issue was badges being issued without anyone issuing them, and the other was being able to issue badges.

I do think that in both of those courses we “upgraded” to the advertised version of Badgr, and from what I heard in our LMS Admin meeting today, that may have added to the problem.

I appreciate any assistance you can give us on this. We may have to look into using a different product.

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