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Accessing data to capture UNSCORED but student assigned rubric outcome data

Hi -

We are using a custom download to access outcome data from Canvas (basically a modified Outcomes Results report). The one glitch we have found is that we are unable to download the outcomes that are not yet assessed (unscored) but already in a rubric, attached to an assignment, and assigned to students. We want these to show up as blank scores against the outcome, but the only way that it appears to be available is if a teacher scores at least one outcome in the rubric (the rubric may have many outcomes). As soon as one as score, all outcomes on that rubric show up in Canvas Data download whether or not they have been scored.

Thus, the need is: Ability to download unscored outcomes as part of outcomes results even if all outcomes in a rubric have not yet been scored.

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Update - the unscored outcome data does show up in the Canvas standard report called "Student Competency" but not in the Outcome results report. My question is, how does Canvas Data share that unscored outcome data? Where can I get it?