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Canvas Data Tableau Case Studies

Here is a catalog of Tableau reports that I have been constantly working on adding to as I discuss analytical gaps on an institutional basis. This is a live document. 

All pre-defined reports are attached to this post along with a document on how to connect the report logic to your own Canvas Database. Just a note that some of these reports have not been updated since we have last updated Canvas Data, so they may need to be fixed a little.

Tableau Reports Catalog 

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Thanks for doing this. Even for an institution like mine that isn't using Tableau and hasn't yet been able to get infrastructure and processes in place to use Canvas Data locally, this information helps demonstrate the value.

I'm glad to hear! If you have any ideas on reports that would be

useful/insightful for your institution, let me know and I'll take a look at

the demand for building them out.

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Thanks for sharing this, Deactivated user‌! I like the "Questions Answered" sections, especially when there are some action that can be taken.

That being said - are there any of these reports that you have seen be more actionable than others for the institutions you are working with? I'm sure it depends on institutional context, but I am curious if any of these have been more valuable than others.


Hi  @brenden_goetz ‌, you are correct that it really does matter by institution. This case study is across not just HE, but also K12. Here are my thoughts on the different areas I have been able to discuss with other admins:

Online Programs:

Want almost all of these reports. They are very centered on detecting students at-risk early (# of 0s and unsubmitted). They also are keen on knowing withdraw status' and how the teacher are interacting with students to increase student retention in fully online spaces.

Tradition HE:

Interested in how students are accessing Canvas. Knowing the browser breakdown is important for instructional design initiatives and potentially others. I receive very high interest in the "Teacher AVG Grading Time" report to determine when is feedback being given by instructors. The challenge I have found with traditional HE is that if there is no LMS required usage, then these data points become more focused on proving adoption to the institution and start falling more in-line with K12 needs.

Traditional K12:

Interested more in monitoring the teacher and their interactions with Canvas rather than the students. They want to know HOW is Canvas being utilized (counts of assignments/discussions/quizzes) and when are teachers using the system.

These are just my thoughts and observations. Smiley Happy

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Hi Sydney,

Are you able to share the actual Tableau workbooks you created wither as .twbx files or on Tableau Public?

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Thanks for sharing this. I really need to dig into learning Tableau to generate these types of reports.  This helps inspire me to dig into Tableau more.  


Hi! We have two CanvasLIVE sessions coming up on Canvas Data you might want to RSVP to or follow for more information. If you have any questions about the events, feel free to post them in the comments section at the links below so the host has the opportunity to respond. Hope to see you there!

Oct. 5  9:30am MDT / 11:30am EDT

Learning Analytics and Canvas Data

Oct. 10 12pm MDT / 2pm EDT

Accessing Your Canvas Data with CanvasDataViewer: Encore!

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Are the Tableau workbooks available for download?

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Hi Sydney, 

I am new to Canvas; but am an experienced Tableau user. Are the queries used to create these reports available?

Are the Tableau workbooks available for download?

Thank you