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We ran into some weird data while parsing the canvas tables which we were hoping you can explain à

Issue - Student has an assignment record in CANVAS_SUMISSION_FACT but does not have a record in CANVAS_SUBMISSION_DIM

CanvasUserid - '242384501320919508'
Course  - PSY2012.791
Term – Spring 19
Assignmentid – 130000006309566 (Concept Check Quiz – 1.1)


Queries used for your reference

select  * from [dbo].[CANVAS_SUBMISSION_DIM]
where ASSIGNMENT_ID = '130000006309566'
---returns no rows for userid '242384501320919508'


select * from [dbo].[CANVAS_SUBMISSION_FACT]
where ASSIGNMENT_ID = '130000006309566'
--returns one row for the userid '242384501320919508'


Can you help us understand why this is happening?  Most importantly why is there is no referential integrity between the dim and the fact tables? The DIM table is important as it had the submission date and time which is an important reporting metric. Please let me know if I can share more details of the issue.

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