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Historical requests through Canvas Data API

I'm relying on Canvas Data API (actually using this Python wrapper) to extract data for institutional research. The FAQ in this forum says "due to the nature and potential size of the requests table, we only provide the previous day's data." Does it mean that I have to keep pulling the new dump every day to not lose the full requests table? Is there any way I can retrieve the entire historical requests records?

Maybe @ColinMurtaugh has advice?

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Daily dumps include one day's requests. That's what you'll get if you're downloading the latest dump or get dumps by ID. If you want to get the complete snapshot (meaning the complete requests log & latest version of other tables) using the Canvas Data API, try the sync endpoint (GET /api/account/(:accountId|self)/file/sync).

I should note that I use the CLI, not the API, to get Canvas Data files. But the commands have the same names, so I suspect they work the same way.

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@stimme Thanks. I was not clear in the original post and updated it. Any additional thoughts?