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How can I get the scores of quizzes imported manually

I use canvas data to analize it but I just can find the quizzed that were made imported by teachers to califications , those type of quizzes are made it offline and then load.

I can't find those dato on canvas data or 

can you help me where can I get this information. I need the score of every student and the id of the quiz 


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Hello  @integracion_can ‌,

You can add the /api/v1/ on your Canvas URL under Quizzes path to GET the quiz_id.

Example: /api/v1/courses/14410/quizzes/


You should see the return values in JSON format. Now there is your quiz_id.


To Generate all the quiz submission  you can use this API endpoint Quiz Submissions - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

Example: /api/v1/courses/:course_id/quizzes/:quiz_id/submissions

You should see the return values in JSON format. For all Quiz Submissions


I hope this help in some way.

Xavier Cotto:smileycool: