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In the documentation describing the data dictionary for the Canvas Data warehouse I don't see the syllabus feature mentioned. Would there be a way to find out which courses don't have syllabi through canvas data?


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Hi Clint,

It doesn't look like Canvas Data has a way of pulling the syllabus body to tell which courses have/don't have a syllabus. However, since the syllabus is automatically created when assignments or events are added to a course- you could use a Canvas API call (/api/v1/courses/:course_id?include[]=syllabus_body) to see if the syllabus is empty or not (with the exception of syllabus description)- It would come back "null" in that case.



Community Contributor

Awesome, thanks!

Community Participant

We don’t use canvas data to monitor syllabi but another program. SALSA Syllabus tool has a reporting dashboard where we can quickly check on who has not published a syllabus.

This allows you to set up access levels to view the dashboard. We allow department secretaries and they do most of the monitoring.


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We also used the API to answer the question of "which courses have syllabi that students can see" although we decided to include the list of courses with an active Syllabus item in the course navigation without checking to see if it had been filled out. Get all the left navigation items in a course and their visibility settings, such as whether a cours...