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Latest Canvas Data 2 Status

Hi Friends and Community !


I'm a data engineer from ACUE, please excuse me if this has been asked and updated already, but I wonder what is the latest status on Canvas Data 2 ? Is it already production ready ? I read through all the links I can find in this forum but can't seem to spot any status update since early this year.

Since there will be legacy Canvas Data deprecation following  Canvas Data 2 release, our organization is actively doing planning around this and curious when should we do the switch.

Any insight or links to useful updates will be greatly appreciated !



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Community Team
Community Team

@heyuan The product managers for Canvas Data 2 will soon be publishing an update. Please subscribe to The Product Blog to receive a notification when it is posted.

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Thanks ! I really look forward to that !

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Meanwhile, do you mind sharing the status at the moment ? No details needed, I just want to know whether Canvas Data 2 is ready as of this week, so I can get back to my organization and set the expectation on that. Thanks a lot @Stefanie !

@heyuan  Beyond the timeline that was updated at the end of 2020, we don't yet have additional information to share.

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@heyuan -  I can answer for us  --  as a RedShift (hosted) Canvas Data customer, Canvas Data 2 has not yet been made available to us.