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New Quizzes Data

Submissions data for New Quizzes don't appear in the quiz submission dim or are exportable from the UI in the way the original quizzes were.  The FAQ only says that an API will be created one day.  Does anyone know if there's a way to download all New Quiz submissions?





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New Quizzes does not yet offer the same Student Analysis report that Quizzes had. Right now it's prioritized among features to complete before July 2023. See 

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We have experienced academics suggesting that some of the New Quizzes data "does not make sense". We followed up with some tests and found the following:

  1. New quiz analytics takes time to generate – in my case around 24 hours.
  2. Quiz summary analysis seems to be the same for both quizzes, with new quizzes displaying a Cronbach’s Alpha.
  3. Item analysis seems to differ between quizzes, most notably the item-by-item discrimination index.

More importantly, the data for (multiple choice) quizzes cannot be downloaded as a CSV for New Quizzes. This has been an important feature in Classic Quizzes. Our academics have been analysing the following to determine whether question distractors meet high-stakes assessment requirements involving multiple-choice quizzes. Thes include:

  • Point Biserial of Correct, Point Biserial of Distractor 2, Point Biserial of Distractor 3 etc...

New quizzes do not allow us to access these so it is critical that the ability to download and review these are made available in New Quizzes.