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No schema file included in sync, cannot unpack

I'm using the instructions provided in the Getting Started with Canvas Data video to setup Canvas Data.  I've been able to get all they way through the process to the unpack portion.  However, the unpacking process cannot be completed because when synced the flat files did not also include the schema file.

Is there a way to get the schema file, if that fails to be included in the sync process?  I found this but cannot find the file to download.

Where do I find the data schema? A JSON version can also be downloaded from the API.

Thanks in advance,

Error message.....

C:\Users\tim.hass>canvasDataCli unpack -c config.js -f user_dim,account_dim

could not find schema, have you downloaded files yet?

an error occured

{ [Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat 'C:\Users\tim.hass\dataFiles\schema.json']

  errno: -4058,

  code: 'ENOENT',

  syscall: 'stat',

  path: 'C:\\Users\\tim.hass\\dataFiles\\schema.json' }

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat 'C:\Users\tim.hass\dataFiles\schema.json'

    at Error (native)

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Folks in the Canvas community are always such a big help. shared a zip file of the schema with me and that fixed my issue. Smiley Happy

Note for those setting up or working through Canvas Data.  Some instructions for Canvas Data CLI and the command prompt suggest using a comma to separate the dim and fact tables during the unpacking process.  I'm not an SME on command prompt, but when I tried this on Windows it returned the following error:

no files matched filter, nothing will be unpacked

unpack command completed successfully

You may find these Unpack procedures

canvasDataCli unpack -c path/to/config.js -f user_dim,account_dim

this command should be changed to

canvasDataCli unpack -c path/to/config.js -f user_dim account_dim

(with no comma between the tables you are unpacking)

After removing the comma the files unpacked fine.

Hope that helps


NOTE: This only works after properly running a sync command

This command will unpack the gzipped files, concat any partitioned files, and add a header to the output file

canvasDataCli unpack -c path/to/config.js -f user_dim,account_dim

This command will unpack the user_dim and account_dim tables to a directory. Currently, you explictly have to give the files you want to unpack as this has the potential for creating very large files.

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I have the same issue and also posted a similar question.

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can you share the zip file for the schema json file?

thank you

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