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Power BI LMS Templates


I am very new to using Power BI, I am keen to build some LMS analytics in Power BI. 

Would anyone be kind to sample templates or direct me to where I can find some to work with?

Many thanks.

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Surveyor II

Hi @jdmsc88 

Yes, ditto. I am also very keen to start working on a project to get Canvas Data into PowerBI but am struggling even to get to first base at the moment.

I have an admin role in Canvas (and a valid API key to access our data on the Canvas Data Portal) but am currently a novice with this type of work.

I've read through the below *community article relating to downloading the data (which is possible for me, but only by downloading one file at a time!)  but I just need some further guidance on how to correctly authenticate using the suggested scripts and then store and import into PowerBI (again, I'm trying to learn this as I go along).

*Beautifully concise article about getting our hands on the canvas data from Jame Jones [Artical link] (but even so, I'm still trying to work it out).

Would be great to collaborate with you if you wanted to figure out how to make use of Canvas Data and create some usable analytics.

I'm hoping some savvy/knowledgeable soul out there in the community can guide us through with concise download examples and templates for reporting.

Once again, please feel free to reach out to me if you want to collaborate and let's see if the community have an 'idiots guide' for me.

Many thanks for the initial post. Rod.

ps, there was a reply to a post I have read from @a1222679 with some example templates, but I'm not authorized to view the example content [Article link]

pps, I don't have a budget to use AWS, which is another suggestion I've seen