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Power BI and Canvas Data


I am being asked to pull in metrics from Canvas into Power BI.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  I have reviewed the Developer Key Creation.  Unsure how to tie it together.



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Welcome to the Canvas Community. I have not used Power BI, but I imagine it's similar to Tableau in that you'll still have to get the files and load them to a data source or use them flat.

Here's a discussion with some people who've usedPower BI

Here are some additional resources for awesome-canvaslms#CanvasData 

Including the guides, setup, and Canvas Data CLI, queries, discussions etc.

The CLI tool helps you get the files.

Then, loading them into a data source depends on your tech and preferences. I use Embulk, some use SSIS, or any number of Amazon solutions including Build a Canvas Data Warehouse on AWS in 30 minutes! 

Looking at your profile/email... I talked with Nicole last spring, feel free to email me if that helps.

Hello Robert,

Thank you for getting back to me and Nicole did recognize your name

Some of the links you sent I had already viewed, I am waiting on the Data Team at Canvas to give me a call. I’ll look over the information and let you know if we have any additional questions.

Thanks for replying.