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Replacement for deprecated sis_source_id in enrollment_dim

Is there a way to differentiate between enrollments that are manually added vs imported via SIS? The field sis_source_id was used to do this and although still available through the API, it has been deprecated in the enrollment_dim table.

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Community Contributor

Hi  @ismail_orabi , 

The Enrollments API returns objects with an sis_import_id attribute that identifies the sis import that last updated the enrollment.  This value is null for manual enrollments.  I hope this helps!

Community Participant

Thanks  @stimme , but we'd like to use the Canvas Data flat files, if possible, in order to avoid the excessive API calls that are needed to retrieve this data across all enrollments.

As a workaround, we're currently using live events to capture enrollment_created and enrollment_updated events, which provide a job_id when triggered by a SIS Import.