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TA activity in Spring classes


I am new to the Data Services work.  We have been on Canvas for about a year and half. I am trying to gather some information for the dean's office.

We create a TA role for some of our full-time faculty that is used to observe the adjuncts' classes.  I am trying to come up with data that will show how often the instructors access the class in a given time.  I can use the User Access Log in reports for current classes because I can run that weekly. Page Views only give 300 lines of data. But they are currently looking for data from Spring terms.  

Can anyone give any direction on how I could get this data for January to May?


Patty DiGiacobbe

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Hi @pdigiacobbe 

It's hard to get any precision on time spent using Canvas Data, it's just not built for that. However, using the Requests table, you could get some frequency of course access.

You would need the following tables: course_dim, enrollment_term_dim, enrollment_dim, role_dim, user_dim, and requests, along with pseudonym depending on how you want to report on the users.

With that, you could establish how often a specific role or group of users accessed courses by term.

For requests, you'll either need to do a full sync (disk space intensive) or use the historical requests command of the Canvas Data CLI to pull specific ranges.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hello @pdigiacobbe ,

Another approach to consider is using the Users API to get page views outside the 300 records in the CSV download. The basics of the endpoint are explained at

It allows you to specify start_time and end_time values. Although it's not explicit, you can also specify up to 100 records per page and page number. With those, your API address would be like:

You could increase the page number value until you get all results for that user. If the number of TAs is at all high, you'd probably want to script this process.

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@pdigiacobbe   - when using Requests for this purpose I find it very helpful to: apply filters. Such as - 

  • specific SIS user IDs, unique names (email), or user IDs
  • the date range using the Timestamp field
  • subaccounts or course id numbers (i.e.  > a certain id #)
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