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Table quiz_submission_fact missing records?

I was trying to create some analytics around quiz submissions across multiple courses, but I noted that quiz_submission_dim and _fact don't match. Delving deeper I find that submissions to quizzes that are not graded assignments are only included in the dim but not the fact table. (Some stats below)


Is this an inherent bug in Canvas Data? Of course I can find those missing records in quiz_submission_historical_fact but just wanted to make sure if this insight is correct. 


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@ryucali After comparing the records in quiz_dim, quiz_submission_dim, and quiz_submission_fact, I can confirm that the quiz_submission_fact table leaves out the submissions that have no submission_id values, which are the practice_quiz and ungraded survey quizzes. This quirk surprised me, too, when I noticed it. The documentation in Canvas Data Portal doesn't make it clear that there is this inconsistency between the two tables.

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@stimme I'm new to this community. Do you know who I can report this to?

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@ryucali - 

The whole Canvas Data system will be replaced soon, so I wouldn't expect that Instructure will want to make changes to the old one at this point. 

In general, you can submit ideas for things you'd like to see changed in the "Idea Conversations" area under the Product menu above.