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Unique Identifiers and Identity Management at District, Publisher App, and Canvas

Hi Canvas Developer Community,

I represent a publisher of educational content in Common Cartridge 1.1 format.

We provide roster services to a school district via Clever, and know how important it is that the teacher and student end user data (in Clever shared with our application) have the same unique teacher and student email address in both Clever (shared with our application rostering) and Canvas in order to provide authentication via external app in Canvas to our application.

The district wants to remove student emails from their shared student data (with ed publishers) as they're running into a problem with another publisher's application, and I'm posting to investigate whether there another way, beyond unique email address, to assist.

Are there any methods in Canvas, beyond individual student unique emails, that can be used to assist with the authentication process that can be developed/used to address this challenge?

I hope the above question is clear and makes sense.



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