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Update on Canvas Data 2 plans?

Hi @erinhmcmillan ,

Would it be possible to get an update on Instructure's plans for CD2? There had been an item on the March 2021 roadmap regarding CD2 (beta?) availability, but now that March has come and gone I can't find any other mention of it (and as far as I can tell, nothing happened in March). 



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Hi @ColinMurtaugh, while the Instructure Team can confirm this I'm sure, I understand there are a handful of schools participating in an CD2 Early Access/Beta that are getting brought online this month some time (mid-May timeframe).  Instructure has indicated schools can talk with their CSM about readiness and intent if they are interested in joining the beta.  The main objective for Instructure during the Beta is to gain feedback through engagement and 2 way conversations with those who will be testing it out.