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Using Canvas Data with MS SQL Management Studio

Our institution is wanting to take a look at Canvas Data to see what kind of information we can pull out of it. I have looked around the Canvas community quite a bit to learn more about the data portal and what it offers. I have seen how to download and sync data with the Canvas CLI tool, and it seems straightforward. I do have a few questions though to help us get moving forward.

  1. With the CLI tool, does it append the new data from the previous day to the tables, or does it override the old tables with new tables?
    1. How do I get all historical data?
  2. Has anyone tried to automate an import into a database running MS SQL?
    1. If this isn't a good option, then what would be a good alternative? We are wanting to us MS SQL because that is what we are used to using. 

Thank you for your help?

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@nhumphries Looks good! However, I'm looking for more info regarding the queries that make up the various values like "files", "assignments", etc. Also, how the main visualizations are generated.

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@reynlds do you use Teams? if so you can call me