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What's not included with Canvas Data?

Thanks to another post on this board, I found out that New Quizzes data is not included in Canvas Data. I asked our SCM about what other data is not included, and he referred us to Account Services. They recommended that I look at the schemas, but that still doesn't tell me what's not included. For instance, there's tables for quizzes, but New Quiz info is not included. The only way I was able to figure that out was by writing some queries, getting empty results, and then checking here.

Is there anyone here that has any insights as to what is not currently included with Canvas Data? I'm sure that would be a useful list for most users in this group. Thanks! 🙂

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Data points that I would like to see include:

  • Rubric details and results
  • Quiz question banks (I assume this will eventually include item banks for NQ - perhaps after the NQ API is available)

Thankfully, we see some progress with these in the upcoming CD2:

Other than questions involving NQ data points, what are some other research questions? 

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