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Wiki Page Data

I'm trying to get information relating to all of the wiki pages contained within a course from the Canvas data.  Looking at the wiki and wiki page dimensions I get only 1 wiki per course.  Am I missing something here?

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 @a1222679 ‌,

Are you combining this with the wiki_page_fact table? Wiki_page_fact has the course ID in it.  In SQL parlance, join the two tables on wiki_page_fact.wiki_page_id =

I just did a quick query with that join and verified that my class has 29 wiki pages in it.

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Thank you James.  I think this is where I must be going wrong.  I have neither the wiki the wiki_page_fact nor the wiki_fact available to me in the data lake at the moment.  They are going to be added soon so it sounds like I'll be able to get the information I need when that happens.

Hi Daniel,

If you have the wiki_dim and wiki_page_dim, then you should also have their corresponding fact tables. Are these still not generating for you?

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Hi Sydney,

since my last post the wiki_fact and wiki_page_fact tables have been added to the data lake that I have access to.  I'm now able to interrogate these to get page numbers for all courses.  Not all the Canvas data tables are available to me, only the ones I need but I had these added.

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 @a1222679  I just had the same question.  Thanks for posting to the forum as I found the answer.  ;o)