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quiz_submission_historical_dim does not contain historical dates

The schema says quiz_submission_historical_dim contains "Attributes for all submitted quizzes" which lead me to believe I would be able to find the dates of each submission.  However, at least in our data, the only items in this table with data in the "finished_at" column (or any of the other date colums) is the most recent submission.  It is the same date as the corresponding submission_dim and quiz_submission_dim which the docs indicate will only contain the most recent submission. 


My question is, is this working as intended?  In other words, does only the most recent date appear by design, or is there something going on with our instance?


My follow up question would be, if so, why?  We have a need to determine when each attempt was submitted and I cannot think of a reason this data would not be available somewhere.  Is there something else I'm missing?



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