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Creating a Canvas/Slack integration

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Hi Everyone:

I'm a high school Social Studies teacher looking to work on a side project.  We have a program called "Tutorial" which is a sort of structured study hall with about 10 students and 2 teachers.  I really like Slack as a communication platform and I would like to develop an integration that would post a student's Canvas information to a Slack channel that the tutorial teacher could monitor.  For example, past grades or upcoming assignments.

Is there a way to set up Canvas to push that data over to Slack automatically?  Or do I need to make cron jobs on some sort of middleware to hit the API and then push the data over to Slack via the Slack API?

I think I can build the latter option (using ColdFusion believe it or not - I'm an old dog from the .com days) but I'm unsure about building something more tightly integrated with Canvas.

Thanks for any ideas!

Sam Dickerman

Brookline High School

Brookline, MA USA

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Hello everyone! We are in development of Slack bot for educational purposes and it have some initial integration with CanvasLMS . We are independent company and not affiliated with, but we really love CanvasLMS as open-source and hiedtech solution and will be glad to implement your ideas about development of this integration.i

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I love Slack, but this strikes me as wading into the FERPA danger zone, especially if it involves posting grades and related data that are definitely the type of educational records that are protected.