External Tool Install via API at Sub-Account Level

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Greetings, new to this Forum!

I used the API to install an external tool to a sub-account (let's call it Subaccount A). The reason I used the API instead of GUI is because I wanted to specify course_navigation[default] = disabled, because I realized that not ALL the courses in the sub-account would want this LTI in their course navigation.

However, I have now realized that I for the courses that *do* want it, they really want it to be visible *by default*, and not have to enable it themselves. For other reasons as well, I realized that this group of course would benefit from having their own sub-sub-account (under Subaccount A), which I just made (lets call it subaccount A1).

However, I'm not sure how to proceed. It does not appear that I can change the settings for the external tool in A1 (either manually or via API), because the tool is inherited through the parent account (A) 

  • Is there a way to "unlock" the external tool in subaccount A such that the settings can be changed in A1 (but not A)?
  • I could just do a new installation of the tool in A1 with the desired settings, but that would result in a double-install  of that tool in those courses.
  • I could also remove the install from A, but it is possible that other courses under A but not in A1 might want the tool in the future. And then I'd have to do another install. I'd really like only one install for the entire institution, available for anyone who *might* want it, but not enabled for everyone

Is there a solution to this that I'm not thinking of?

Thanks so much!