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LTI key defined, "Public JWK URL" never used

I'd asked this question before, but it's probably more appropriate for this developers' forum.

I've configured an LTI key in Canvas with a URL in the "Public JWK URL" field.  After inspecting the traffic to my server, I see that Canvas never requests that URL.  However, the tool works fine.  How can this be?

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The JWK keys are only currently used for LTI Advantage services (eg Names and Roles Provisioning Service,, to just launch a tool you don't need a JWK key in your tool, just to validate the launch with the JWKs keys that Canvas is configured with ( eg )

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Thank you very much.  That makes sense.  I need to find some documentation of the LTI lifecycle.  I probably wouldn't have even asked this question if I knew which documentation to RTFM.  🙂 

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