Using the Assignments API to give points to Students

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Hi There, I am a developer working on an LTI Tool that integrates with Canvas. We keep track of Attendance data in Classrooms (Totals Points Available, Points received for Attendance, Total Absences). The application allows the user to pass along these values to the courses' Gradebook, and here is where I am facing my issues.

I was looking at the "Custom Gradebook Columns" API which worked as far as creating a new gradebook column for me. However, this custom column didn't affect the final grade. Then I switched my attention to the Assignments API which looked like it had the things I needed (including a total points possible). 

However, I am unsure how to use this API to update the Attendance points after every new attendance session. Ideally, there would be a PUT/PATCH API where I could look up the custom Attendance Assignment by the Assignment ID and then update a user's points for the assignment? The Assignments API page (Assignments - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ) has information on creating assignments and listing assignments by user. However, I don't see any modify assignment attempts by user or the like? Is this something I would be able to do?

Any help is appreciated on this topic, thank you.

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Scores are handled through the Submissions API.

You can List assignment submissions to get the existing scores, although this may not be necessary depending on how you design your LTI.

You can Grade or comment on multiple submissions to update the scores.

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