Web Fonts being part of a custom theme?

Community Champion

Are there instructions/guidelines for how an institution would like to make a web font available to be used in the RCE via a custom Canvas Theme?

I've already done a proof of concept with the web font hosted on an external website and can get it to load on a saved page. My question is two-fold:

  1. What is the process to host the font files inside of the same infrastructure as the uploaded CSS file so that is available at the same time the CSS file is uploaded?
  2. Is it ever going to be possible to get the font (and other CSS styles) to pre-render in the RCE? My guess is no, but in this case it would be really nice because this font has glyphs in it that map to certain keystrokes. Guessing if you hit the right key before the RCE contents are saved is not as useful for our purposes. Without this you have to save/reload the content each time you make an edit.  I tried looking for other topics with this idea and haven't found any as of yet. Kudos to anyone who can send those my way or Instructure Devs comment on what can be done about this.