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Which paths do user-level participations include?

Using the the API to pull user-in-course-level participation data, I am interested in what is included in the participations array of hashes. What is defined as "participation" here?

For me, looking at participations, I only see paths that are quizzes. No other paths like resource pages or grades are included. Though, looking at the page_views object, I see that there are numerous page views each day. To me this suggests participations only logs a specific subset of behaviors (i.e. quizzes). What are these? Likewise what does page_views count? All pages visited? Or, just the visits to the paths listed in participations?

Overall, how can I get what pages a student views and when? So, for example, I could see how many time a resource or assignment was viewed.

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For the user' page views, I would probably use the List user page views. Then, for the course's page, I would filter by the context_type (Course) and the links.context (Course ID).