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Canvas Features by User Role (2021-12-15)

Canvas Features by User Role (2021-12-15)

This document highlights default and optional features in the current Canvas web deploy.

The date of this document indicates when the included features will be available in the production environment. Unless otherwise indicated, features are already available in the beta environment.


Admin Interface Updates


Course Import

Content Import Warning Message

As part of course import processes in Assignments and Course Settings, Canvas displays a warning message about overriding existing content.

View additional details for Content Import Warning Message in the Deploy Notes

Direct Share Admin Search

To correct contrary behavior for admins also enrolled as teachers, the Direct Share Copy To menu only displays to users who have permission to share course content but who are not admins. When using Direct Share Copy To functionality, admins must search for the name of a course. This behavior is consistent with other areas in Canvas that cannot accommodate searching for admin roles, such as in the Course Import course copy functionality.

Gradebook Late Policy Support

Late Policies are supported in Course Imports.

View additional details for Gradebook Late Policy Support in the Deploy Notes


Notifications Delivery Details

The Notifications page displays the date and time of daily and weekly notifications.

View additional details for Notifications Delivery Details in the Deploy Notes


Optional Features & User Role Distribution


User summary documents display optional features available for applicable user roles. They are designed to assist you in distributing information about these features if you choose to enable them for your institution. For additional context, please see the Preview Document Details section.


Default features for user roles, if available, are posted in applicable user summary pages:


User Summary Features


User Summary: Admins (2021-12-15) - Google Doc Preview 

Account/Course Settings

  • Settings: Feature Preview Beta Label Updates

Optional Features

  • Improved Outcomes Management: Outcomes Friendly Descriptions



User Summary: Instructors (2021-12-15) - Google Doc Preview

Account/Course Settings

  • Settings: Feature Preview Beta Label Updates

Optional Features

  • Canvas for Elementary: Homeroom Calendar Important Dates
  • Improved Outcomes Management: Outcomes Friendly Descriptions



User Summary: Observers/Students (2021-12-15) - Google Doc Preview

Optional Features

  • Canvas for Elementary: Missing Items Subject Card Observer Support
  • Improved Outcomes Management: Outcomes Friendly Descriptions


Preview Document Details

As part of the user summaries, you have two options for distribution: view the preview (default link provided above), or use the template to create a copy.

View Preview (Default Link)
Use this link if you don't need to modify the content. Additionally, this option ensures the document is updated by the Canvas community team with any changes that may be made in the release notes.

Use Template
To create a copy of the document to edit for your own distribution, click the Use Template button in the preview document. You must log in to a Google account to use this feature. The template will be stored in your Google Drive account.

  • Once you use the template, the content is no longer associated with the original document and you must maintain your own content changes as may be indicated in the release notes.
  • For the best user experience, user summaries should not be copied and distributed until the Monday before the Canvas release, which will allow time for features within the release to be confirmed by the Canvas product team. Features are subject to change at any time. Please review the date at the top of the Preview document to indicate the latest updates.
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