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Canvas Features by User Role (2022-02-02)

Canvas Features by User Role (2022-02-02)

This document highlights all default and optional features in the current Canvas web release if available for each user role. The date of this document indicates when the included features will be available in the production environment. Unless otherwise indicated, features are already available in the beta environment.

Default Features

Default features affect all Canvas users. If enabled in the Help Menu, the Release Notes section displays links to these features according to user role.

Optional Features

Use of optional features vary across institutions, and the Optional Features section for each user role is designed to assist you in distributing information about these features if you choose to enable them for your institution. User summary templates provide all information and offer two options for distribution. For additional details about these templates, please see Template Distribution Details.


Admin Roles


Default Features


Custom Roles Display Updates

Custom role names display in the User Details link (Account People page), as well as in the course-level User Details and Course Settings pages.

View additional details for Custom Roles


User Suspension Link Adjustment

The Suspend/Reactive User link has been relocated in the User Details page.

View additional details for User Suspension Link Adjustment

Mobile Apps

Session Duration Extension

The minimum session duration for mobile applications has been changed from 20 minutes to 48 hours.

View additional details for Mobile Session Duration Extension


Instructor Roles


Default Features

View default features available for the specified production date

Interface Updates

  • Enrollments: Custom Roles Display Updates
  • Rich Content Editor: Accessibility Checker Color Update


Optional Features

View Instructor role distribution template

Account Settings

  • Canvas for Elementary: Homeroom Synced Subjects List


Observer/Student Roles


Default Features

View default features available for the specified production date

Interface Updates

  • Rich Content Editor: Accessibility Checker Color Update


Template Distribution Details

View Template
Use the default template link if you don't need to modify the content. Additionally, this option ensures the document is updated by the Canvas community team with any changes that may be made in the deploy notes.

Use Template
To create a copy of the document to edit for your own distribution, view the template and then click Use Template button in the top right corner. You must log in to a Google account to use this feature. The template copy will be stored in your Google Drive account.

  • Once you use the template, the content is no longer associated with the original document and you must maintain your own content changes as may be indicated in the deploy notes.
  • Features are subject to change at any time. Please review the date at the top of the Template to indicate the latest updates.
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