Automatically Remove Missing Flag Once Grade is Entered

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For on paper or no submission assignments, if a grade is flagged as missing, but then later points are added to the gradebook, the missing flag remains.  The instructor then needs to manually remove the missing flag, even though points were assigned.  It would be great to have the missing flag automatically disappear once points were entered (signifying that it is no longer missing).  The option to have the missing automatically turn into late would be even better.

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Actually, I would like this to work for assignments with submissions as well. That why if a student shows me on paper instead of uploading a picture of it, I can put the assignment in and have it automatically remove the missing.


Having a shortcut for entering missing assignments (like typing M in the box) would supplement this so that it is easy to mark stuff as missing and to unmark it as missing without having to open the slide out, which is slow.

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I understand this issue has been posted many times and Canvas thinks that they have solved the problem by allowing us to manually change the assignment status to "None" in Speedgrader.  However, as a teacher of 650 students, this is another tedious step that should not need to be made.  Also, this step cannot be done until AFTER the due date, which is not always a convenient time for me. Why is the coding not written so that the system recognizes a manually entered grade without requiring the teacher to do any other changes?

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Why, WHY is this still an ongoing issue if this has been identified since 2018!!!!!!? CANVAS GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! There are some serious needs and improvements that have been identified and voted on and commented on and have been open for discussion for YEARS. It is becoming GROSSLY MISMANAGED. Hire some more programmers and dedicate them to JUST dealing with these SIMPLE issues that need to be dealt with ASAP. Please! Canvas has created a WHOLE slew of disgruntled, unsatisfied teachers that is being fueled even further by this useless forum where our suggestions are going into what feels like an empty void! Yet you have a program that is FULL of potential that is filled with holes and inefficiency. The ONLY person that EVERY seems to reply from Canvas is @Stef_retired  and maybe she will come through yet again with some positivity (as she always has some silver lining) or at least get a message through to the powers to be! Thank you Stefanie for all that you attempt to do for us to get our voices heard.

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It would be nice if it had the feature like Infinite Campus that when you enter a score it asks if you want to change it to late.  It already has the option of automatically counting missing as a zero.

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This feature would be SO HELPFUL and save me SO MUCH TIME!!!  

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We are struggling with assignments that have an end date- can no longer be turned in and are still coming up on a missing assignment list. If a 0 score could be put in when the assignment is no longer accepted OR have the missing flag be removed after the end date, it would really help students manage their work. This is also hard when a new student enrolls in the class mid-year and all of the previous assignments are automatically marked as missing. 

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PLEASE MAKE THIS AN EASIER ONE.  Students that have anxiety issues become completely stuck when they see too many late or missing flags. 

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It would be extremely helpful if we could "batch" remove the missing flag from an assignment. Kids get really discouraged when they see 20 missing assignments when they are closed assignments that can no longer turned in. 

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Please change this.

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This would be super helpful to the teachers I represent.  I do agree with @srbrassfield regarding non-zero scores.