[Gradebook] Post Feedback/Annotations and Grades Separately

Post Annotations and Grades Separately

It would be extremely beneficial to have the ability to post feedback separately from posting grades.

This is an extension of a previous idea on the community:



Current Situation:

Feedback and grades are posted simultaneously. With the new development (in beta) it will allow entering feedback without a grade and releasing this, a grade is therefore not entered or it is entered at a later stage.

There are a number of workarounds in order to accommodate the current functionality including providing feedback outside of Canvas, storing grades separately then going back and entering them into the system, not releasing feedback until a later stage, etc.... I'm sure there are more!


What we would like to do:

Enter feedback at the same time as entering the grade and have the ability to post grades and feedback separately (posting feedback would include annotations within SpeedGrader).


 335142_Post Feedback.jpg



Benefits include:

  • Students will get their feedback in a timely manner and not need to wait for ratification of grades.
  • This will save time as staff will not have to go back and enter grades at a later stage (which would be required in order to release timely feedback)
  • Reduce risk of error as grades will not need to be recorded separately before being entered / imported into Canvas.




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This is a great idea! I can see this being used well beyond Junior Schools, particularly for formative assessments from K-University even. Teachers still need access to be able to assign marks/points/grades, but being able to hide that from the students helps them to focus on the feedback so that they can learn/improve, rather than focusing on what their "score" was.

Edit: So it looks like my comment was merged into a different feature idea. The idea by @ccassidy1  Christine Cassidy (which I had commented on previously) is different to the one above. I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but in APAC (particularly from K-10), most schools would like the option of just hiding the grades/marks from students for their assessments - there would be no intention of EVER releasing grades/marks to student for those assignments, just the feedback. This feedback would be in the form of pre-written criteria in rubrics, as well as individual feedback to students. However, the teachers still need some sort of mark/points in the back end to calculate where a students stands from a competency standpoint, so the points would still need to be available in the rubric criteria for the teachers to see/use, just not visible to students (this includes points allocated to outcomes).

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Being able to provide feedback without marks would be fantastic! It would be great if there was a button where you could select show feedback and another button for show marks. This would even be helpful for secondary and university to encourage students to first read their feedback and reflect on it before moving to seeing their final grade.  

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Thanks for the shout out @pmillar . It's a shame my suggestion has been merged with another suggestion from 15 months ago! As you've said, the big difference is we NEVER  want to release grades/marks to student for those assignments, just the feedback.

We want to have the option of setting this on an assignment-by-assignment basis.

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Great idea!

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I think this is a beneficial change to the current behavior of posting grades. This has come up several times for us where we have faculty that would like to post comments and/or annotations but not post grades. I'd also like to add that a lot of our faculty also grade anonymously. I realize this is probably a separate feature request but for those anonymous grading assignments it would be grade if the anonymity could be preserved after posting grades, comments, and annotations to students.

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Would love to have the ability to release feedback (especially rubric feedback) at a different time to student marks, without needing to use any workarounds. Another possible implementation would be to release both at the same time, but require students to view the rubric feedback first and then click a button to be taken to their final mark.

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I agree with @MWilliams24 - it would be very useful (and pedagogical sound) to be able to release feedback (including/especially rubric feedback) before releasing grades. Indeed I would like to be able to conceal any reference to points/grades/% contribution to the course from students until some point after they have had their formative feedback (i.e. comments and feedback against the rubric).

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Great work thank you for sharing.

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I'm in!

Thank you so much for sharing this idea

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Great idea!