[Modules] Unlocking Modules for individual students

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This idea has already been requested, but did not get enough votes. Manually Override Module Requirements for Students


Any chance this can go through the voting cycle again! Would be brilliant to have this idea incorporated within Canvas. In our k-12 institution we like to encourage independent learning, so we let students move through modules at their own pace. Different students have different capabilities and some may be quicker to complete module requirements, which is why we would like to open progressive modules for individual students whilst keeping the module locked for the remaining students. Whereas now, if were to open the modules those students who have not yet completed modules feel pressured and try to rush through the modules.

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In addition, I would like to have the ability to assign an entire module to some students and a different module to others. Right now, I have (quite clunky) workarounds to enable some students to work through a series of assignments, while others work through others. The "default" way Canvas expects us to do this is at the assignment level, a quite time-consuming task, especially if all of the assignments in one module are assigned to one group of students and all those of a different module are assigned to the rest. There has to be a way to program this at the module level. 

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Military students on deployment, employment travel demands, medical crises....my graduate students (re: adults) have justified reasons for not moving linearly through coursework at times and need the flexibility of being allowed to move through material at a unique pace outside the general pattern for the rest of the class. 


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This feature would be extremely helpful to promote inclusivity for students needing differentiation of teaching content or pacing.  Using different sections or course shells does not promote inclusive education in an online learning environment.  

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Should work on being able to unlock modules only for certain students. Maybe for students who finish faster/sooner than everyone else. 

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You can unlock modules for students who finish sooner than everyone else. You set requirements for finishing one module and then use that module as a prerequisite for the next module. Do not use a date restriction on the second module, just rely on a gateway or indicator assignment to signify completion of the first module. That gateway assignment could be a simple complete/incomplete assignment with no submission and then you set it to not count towards the final.

If time comes and you need to open the module up for all students, even those who haven't completed the gateway assignment, then go into the second module and remove the prerequisite.

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Would it be possible to have the ability to assign an entire module to just particular students and so that show up for only those students (like assignments within a module would)?  For differentiation purposes it would be helpful for teachers to be able to design a modified module for students that need accommodations that could be assigned to just the students who need that.  

Along with that, it would be helpful to have the ability to open modules early or keep modules open later for particular students needing extra time to complete work. 

Thank you for your consideration.

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Add me to the list of people who would like this feature. 

Two ways I could see this done that may not be too technically challenging…

1) Teachers can already set custom availability and due dates for assignments for students (the "Assign" section of editing an assignment). Couldn't this same functionality be copied to module editing? This would also be helpful for editing content pages. 

2) Allow the individualized availability and due dates in assignments to override the module availability date. This wouldn't help with content pages but would at least allow students to complete assignments. 

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YES, please include this feature, Canvas! I have to go thorough so many extra steps just to make it happen every time I receive a similar request from students.  

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How do I access Math Lab in my modules. I have no i.d. code for MathLab and don't know how to make one. Help