[New Analytics] Filter Course Reports by Content Type

We use New Analytics to measure user engagement with resources in our community. 

We use the announcements and calendar features to share events and new information. 

When we run course reports, announcements and calendar events are congesting the data because every image related to an announcement or calendar event, and each unique event or announcement, is listed many times. 

It would be useful when running a report to filter by content type to not have this issue after the report has been processed. 

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What is the use case for including images within the NQ Weekly Online Activity Resources report?  After all, such images are embedded on a wiki, assignment, discussion, etc. and not a stand alone item. So if you view the wiki page that has the image embedded you are viewing the image.

Also, the icon for discussions and announcements should be different and the csv should have a column to indicate the content type. That would enable easier filtering.


ps. just to be sure we are aware, after exporting the .csv we can currently opt to filter via text.  Here is one way to do so. It helps if you limit the image file types used.

Excel text filterExcel text filter


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Hi Jeff, 

I appreciate the comment! 

The Canvas Community I manage is used by the Career Readiness team at the Business School. It has all of the digital resources we provide, which includes a mix of PDF's, Videos, Links, and Copy, all laid out in a website design using the Pages feature in Canvas. 

Our stakeholders (Dean's Office, Faculty, Staff, and Donors) get a report every semester on how these resources are being used and what we can do to improve student engagement and awareness. 

We also use the community to post announcements about professional events and job opportunities that are available, and we link to the community calendar as well to do this. Each announcement usually has an image because we are sharing information we received from a third party (ie an Accounting firm presenting on campus) and they provided an image for us to share.

Our community has over 6,000 enrolled Students and roughly 80 Observers/TAs/Teachers. With this amount of traffic, the 27-day report we download can get congested from user interactions with announcements/events, which aren't as valuable to us for insights as other content in the community. 

I currently do filter out this information in a CSV, but it would be more convenient for the Course Report tool to have these options on the front end. 

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@blakemacnelly  - as this is a regular report, one idea is to create a template with the pages listed in the sequence they appear in the course. Have a chart set to the data range so then all you need to do is fill in the numbers.  This is easy with 20-24 pages but if you have a hundred pages it might be a two person job with the second person looking for and verbally stating the numbers for each page while you enter the data.  That just makes the job efficient and a little fun.

Or maybe there could be an option to 'lock' the resources list so they export via csv in the sequence they are listed in the course.  Just ideas...  😁

 example NA dataexample NA data

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