New Quizzes: Blueprint master to sync New Quizzes more than the initial sync.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

I think it should be built in, that blueprint masters update Quizzes.Next even beyond the initial sync. I think this would be important when there are spelling or grammar error or if the wrong question or answer was used. If changes are made with the current way the courses sync with Quizzes.Next, any changes have to be done manually. This is very time consuming when have multi-child courses to work with. blue print blueprint sync sync

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new quiz features are able to be synced from blue print to master even after initial sync



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Yes we are having the same issue. We love the blueprint feature because we have a lot of online courses that are identical other than instructor but having the quizzes not update is a major issue. Sometimes we have 5-10 courses associated with a blueprint and if there is a mistake in a quiz we have to go into each course individually to update. Hopefully this can be fixed asap!

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It would be great if New Quizzes synced through blueprint. After talking to support, they only sync during the initial sync and will not change their content in another sync after that. It would be great if they work like other Canvas resources and could be synced each time a change is made.

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The lack of this feature has caused issues for our instruction and has us rethinking the use of Blueprint courses, especially when classic quizzes depreciates. Currently, it doesn't sound like Instructure has plans to add this feature before then, which is disappointing.

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I support this proposal. Please make fixing this a priority. Thank you.

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The folks on our campus who are using blueprints are using them because it's quick and easy to make updates and to correct errors (let's face it nobody is perfect). Syncing is the life blood behind the concept of blueprints. This error really needs to be corrected; it could be a major factor in why faculty are not moving toward and embracing the new quiz model - it simply isn't working with their blueprints. 

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Our campus has still not converted to NewQuizzes yet because of the ongoing issues. We use Blueprint extensively to meet FERPA requirements. This yet another reason to postpone our switch to New Quizzes. Please come up with a fix.  Thank you!


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Having Blueprint courses is vital to teaching my courses so that they are consistent throughout the quarter and into future quarters. The synchronization of Quizzes.Next from Blueprint to child-course as needed throughout the quarter should be standard!

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I agree with @arovner .  Our campus has postponed switching to NewQuizzes due to the number of issues with them.  This is just another reason to not make the switch.  Why do we have to request this be addressed, why not treat it as a bug and fix it? 

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I support addressing this issue as soon as possible.