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This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

As with the original quizzes on canvas, when a student submits a New Quizzes (Quizzes.Next) assessment and there are items that need to be reviewed it should show up on our teacher dashboard in our To Do list so we know to submissions have been made so we can more easily access them in speedgrader to grade.

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I couldn't agree with the previous comments more!  With the new quiz format which automatically grades and posts a score based on objective portions of quizzes/exams, I really have no way of knowing which quizzes/exams I have graded...especially since I don't receive notifications.

My proposal is that all automatically graded items show in red, and the ones which I have completed the short answer grading on be posted in green.  That way, when viewing the canvas gradebook, I can tell at a glance which I've graded and which have yet to be graded.

Not only would this help with student PR, it would eliminate frustration on my end of things.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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This has FINALLY become an issue on the radar:

Look at the image for the roadmap.

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Thanks for posting that.. Glad to see its on their radar if way down their priority list. 🙂

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This would be helpful!

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@douglas_rolley thank you for posting that!! I hope it moves up the priority list quickly. Lacking this feature makes new quizzes almost usable for me.

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This is a MUST.

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I'm not a Canvas Community regular, however it is telling that this was the first and highest post when I searched "new quizzes" in this idea area.  

Kudo's to whoever first mentioned this.  It is maddening to be used to having a to-do list with test/quizzes needing to be scored, and having it disappear with "new quizzes".  Why take a step in the wrong direction with an update?  I understand that "new quizzes" is actually an external tool, but this is painful to explain to teachers when advocating that they make the transition from "classic" to "new" quizzes.

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This would be incredibly helpful

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This would be incredibly helpful.

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Agreed!  If SpeedGrader was easier to get into from the main page, this wouldn't be an issue, but it's not!  The only way to get to SpeedGrader for a New Quiz is to open it from the Grades page.  No other way works!  This is horrible--absolutely atrocious--programming.  The SpeedGrader is hidden away in such an obscure place that none of my teachers (or me) knew how to find it for a New Quiz.  We found it by accident one time and now three of us know how to do it and it's WAY TOO MANY steps for everyone else (and sometimes us) to remember!  This is terrible!  Notification of completion of New Quizzes MUST be a feature and needs to be implemented ASAP!


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