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It would be helpful to be able to duplicate a question in the quiz generator. Let's say I'm quizzing students on the use of figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, and synecdoche). I could make my first question with multiple choice answers: a. simile, b. metaphor, c. personification, and d. synecdoche. If I could duplicate the questions, I would not have to retype the four answer selections.
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For more information, please read through the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-09-09).

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Thank you for suggesting this again. I didn't see the similar one whose voting ended on August 5th.

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If the ability to import quiz questions from Word is implemented, (), you could also copy and paste those answer options in the Word document prior to upload all of the questions, although I do agree that the ability to duplicate items in Canvas would greatly improve efficiency for instructors and designers.


Like the old text file import option in ANGEL quizzes

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The import option is so valuable to designers working with SMEs who aren't going to teach the course because, in some cases, the SME might not even have a login for the LMS.This was a scenario I frequently faced in my previous job, where I worked on different platforms and frequently received content from SMEs. If the quiz banks delivered from the SME could be imported, it saved me a lot of time. Unfortunately, when I was building courses on Canvas, I would have to manually add those questions one-by-one.

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In case this request doesn't make, the work around I'm using is that Ill copy all the questions I might want to duplicate (maybe the whole test as I'm working on it) to a "Duplicator" question bank and then from the other bank move duplicate copies of what I need (as many as I need) back to the original before going back to modify/update them.

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Cloning questions - my Christmas wish!

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I can hardly believe this feature is NOT currently available! Yes, we need this.

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Crazy that this is not already a feature.  Please make this happen!

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These limited voting windows are so frustrating! I don't have time to keep coming back every 8 weeks to check on all my "knocklist" items and vote on them all again and again. (I'm too busy re-building questions, quizzes, and rubrics from scratch, because there's no way to duplicate anything!) I do check back a few times each semester as I hit activities that are particularly frustrating, just hoping that maybe I've missed some great news in a release note, but please know that inability to chase these features and catch the voting windows does not indicate that they have become any less critical!