[New Quizzes] New Quizzes - include pictures in Matching and Categorization

I'm really pleased with most of the new quiz engine, except for a glaring flaw: Matching and Categorization-type quizzes not having the rich text editor enabled for question/category and answer fields. Back when we thought we'd be in the building in the fall, my colleagues and I prepared work including various sorting and matching activities. I'm trying to convert as much as I can to Canvas quizzes for remote learning, but not being able to use pictures in the question-answer pairs is a major roadblock, as we're a special education classroom in which many of the students have very low reading skills. We try to use a combination of pictures and text instead of text-only whenever possible.

Having the rich text editor enabled in all fields for Matching and Categorization quizzes, so that users can embed images into question-answer pairs themselves and not just the prompt, would help users to make content more accessible to students. It would also be more consistent with other question types such as Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer that have rich text enabled in the answer fields. Is this already on the agenda for the future, by any chance? If not, I would like to recommend that it be considered for future inclusion.

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+1 for the rich editor or at least the ability to use an image on the left and right side of matching questions. That's an absolutely important feature that is missing. 

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Absolutely!  It would also be great if they could physically drag items to set up boxes.  In math an example would be "function" for one box and "Not a function" for the other box.  Then students can easily sort "cards" into each "box"  the visual REALLY helps on this one.  



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Just to mix it up, I have just discussed an idea with a colleague, where we would like to match sound and picture.

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This would be very useful in science too. I noticed some teachers brought up needs of the special education population, this is also a need for emerging bilingual students. I'm working on a question right now on an exam I'm creating and I'm putting the three pictures in the stem, labeling them Picture A, B and C and then calling the categories Pictures A, B and C. Does anyone else have a hack for this? 

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Yes  please!  For medical class it would be very helpful too!

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I'm currently working with a Spanish teacher who really misses this feature.  She uses this feature in Schoology quizzes when teaching vocabulary to her Spanish I students.  More rich content editor options in New Quizzes would be helpful.  We would like to be able to include images for matching questions.  

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Yes, I am an instructional technology specialist and teachers are asking for the matching question type to allow the option for images to be added in the item choices - currently can only add text.  Please add this feature.

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It would be helpful to match a picture with an image

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Yes, I design quizzes for vocational classes and we need this feature.

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I teach ESOL and a drag and drop function on the quiz would be very helpful. For example, you add multiple images and then add the words to be dropped. Students have to match the words to the images. The option of multiple drops on one task would be best.