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Current Situation

The current audio submission tool is decent, but it is neither robust nor efficient, and, most importantly, it is not available for quizzes.



For second/foreign language courses, speaking is the language skill that needs most attention because it is so logistically difficult to practice and assess. While reading, listening, and writing skills can be assessed on Canvas in quiz form, speaking skills cannot.


For speech courses, assigning and grading online homework/quizzes that require actual speaking can be cumbersome or impossible. Public speaking and debate courses also have few opportunities for teachers to evaluate argumentative skills in quiz form.



I propose Canvas adds an audio recording quiz question type. I added some desired complementary features for ultimate functionality and control in the comments section below.


Benefits for Teachers

  • Language/speech/public speaking/debate teachers will be able to assess speaking skills/pronunciation/argumentative skills/other speaking abilities on Canvas and plan future materials according to the students’ performance.
  • Language/speech/public speaking/debate teachers will be able to give direct feedback to students for speaking. This is very difficult in a classroom.
  • More benefits will derive from the desired complementary features in the comments section below.


Benefits for Students

  • Students will get teacher feedback on their speaking skills.
  • Students will be able to play back their responses to understand teacher feedback and/or evaluate themselves.
  • More benefits will derive from the desired complementary features in the comments section below.


Additionally, if the desired settings below (in the comments) are implemented, the entire audio recording quiz questions would be streamlined.



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Community Member

As a teacher of language learners, I am in need of an easy option to record their answers, because they may have the right idea, but it does not translate well to "print" (typing). We also assess speaking and listening, so having the option to choose whether or not a student types or records is extremely important. I teach 6th graders, and having too many steps overwhelms them.  A simple click and they can record their answers right to the test would be perfect!

Community Explorer

It seems like New Quizzes doesn't have a direct media/audio recording option at all!  Classic Quizzes could have been improved in the ways I'm seeing here (lots of good ideas), but am I missing something?  It appears that there isn't an option at all to set up an audio recording in New Quizzes, even through an essay style question....

Community Novice

The classic quiz had a button I could push and record myself reading the quiz questions.  Please add that button to the New Quizzes.  This is a huge deficit for my SPED and EL kids.

Community Novice

Many of my students need read aloud during a quiz/test. Can you PLEASE add an audio recording button to the stimulus feature in quizzes so I can easily record myself reading the material for them. That way they can just click "play" and they will hear my voice read the passage and question. Thank you!

Community Explorer

I sincerely hope this feature is included in New Quizzes (I posted a similar feature request). We offer credit by exams for a variety of languages, and the current process of building audio response questions as essays is extremely cumbersome for our student. Despite our robust instructions, some students see the essay response box and type their answer instead. Building an audio response only question type would both clarify and ease the testing process for our students.  

Community Novice

I would like to be able to record all my questions on quizzes! Many students have accomodations that would require tests to be read aloud. But if I could record every question they could just do the quiz with headphones and not be singled out to have it read aloud.

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