New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

In new quizzes, there needs to be the ability to award partial credit for matching questions. At the current moment, it is either all or nothing. I know you can "fudge" points at the end, but we need the ability to make each matching item worth points. 

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Yes, this would be great!  It took more time than I wanted to go in and fudge the matching questions.

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Totally agree that it's ridiculous Canvas hasn't fixed this issue yet. This is a constant sore spot with our faculty. 

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I would really like to see a fix for this issue. Canvas quizzes is not helpful for instructors if we have to manually re-grade every quiz. The students are also bummed out and confused when they get a zero for missing one or two terms in a matching question.

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We are gearing up to present the change to New Quizzes to faculty. 

Think of this from the student side of things--- student gets zero on a 15-question matching when answering 14 correctly. It's not ideal feedback. 


Partial credit on matching questions is basic LMS stuff.

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This semester I am shifting all my question banks back to classic quizzes. I can't use the new quizzes until this issue is resolved. 

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As an admin, I have been working hard to convince staff that new quizzes is a better overall tool than classic. This is extremely hard when matching questions do not allow partial credit. We have had cases of students dropping courses as they are frustrated that they are given a zero score and this is only correctly by teachers manually checking all quizzes individually. Staff tell me this is a large waste of time and they are staying with classic quizzes due to the reduced workload. I do not blame them as extra work having to check all submissions and give partial credit manually is a waste of time.

Can we please fix this as a priority

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I was rather excited to try out the new Hot Spot question type for a map identification question. However, one of the other questions in the quiz was a matching one, so I had to scrap the new quiz design in favor of one that would behave as expected.

I sincerely hope that Canvas will address issues like this partial credit issue with Matching questions before sunsetting the Classic, working quiz tool.

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Yes, I agree this is a major flaw in New Quizzes and needs to be addressed ASAP.

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It is extra work, extra time, and mistakes are easily made if this is not automatic. 

It is ridiculous that it isn't already automatic just like the classic quizzes. 

Please update soon.

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This clearly should be a feature of new quizzes. It was important enough to be a facet of original quizzes, so when something is updated and improved, we shouldn't have to give up functionality that the prior tool gave us. This seems like a no brainer. I also believe the absence of this capability is what keeps a good number of my teachers from using new quizzes.