[New Quizzes] Rich Content Editor (RCE) for Matching Question Types

The Rich Content Editor (RCE) is available to use in *most* quiz question types, but not Matching questions. A lot of our instructors would like to use images, or bold/italicize text, or use other options in quiz answers, and without the RCE they are not able to do that. It needs to be available to use in ALL quiz questions types.


As an example, some of our IT instructors would like to be able to use Matching questions, and have students match an icon with a term/definition. Without being able to use the RCE for the answer spaces, this is not possible.


Please consider making the RCE available for ALL quiz question types.

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This still remains an issue for matching questions.
As mentioned this is invaluable for science teachers.

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I think it is fair to say we don't want a suggested work around for this. We would like to see RCE support added to the answers section of a matching question type.

Any idea when this might be suggested for development? Seeing as the first post on this was 7 years ago, I don't even see a place to upvote the suggestion.

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Please add RCE support to questions and answers for matching question types. 

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I hate that I can't use superscripts or subscripts in matching questions, which makes it terrible for chemistry questions.  But beyond that, the inability to change the base font from one without kerning (Arial) to one with kerning (Times New Roman) also means students can't determine if I'm referring to a chlorine atom or a carbon-iodine bond, as the lowercase 'l' is the same as the uppercase 'I'.  

It's baffling that the RCE is available for other question types but not the matching ones.  Too bad, because it makes for a richer question database.

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This still seems very basic to ask for the same RCE functionality in the New Quiz tool and question types that we have in classic Quizzes.

I am trying very hard to embrace this new tool and I do see some advantages that classic quizzes do not provide.  However, the RCE needs to be the same everywhere!  I need images and audio as options in a matching question.

Matching images on cards is something I learned 50 years ago in gradeschool.  Please Please provide us with the same set of tools!

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Problem statement:

New Quizzes has improved its RCE so that it matches with the rest of Canvas. The RCE is now available to all question parts and stems with the exception of Matching. Having sound, image and even video as part of a matching task is hugely advantageous and of benefit to a great many different subjects. At the moment it is still text. Are there any plans to fully complete the operation for the New Quizzes and RCE?

Proposed solution:

Add the RCE menu to both Matching stems in the same way that they have been added for the Categorization question.

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