[Notifications] Automatic due date reminder notifications

Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it is only possible to send these reminders manually.   If there were automatic due date reminders, it would significantly improve my quiz completion rates.

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This is another great feature that Instructure should be looking at to add.  

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Instructure Alumni

Hi  @srbrassfield  and  @jrboek . I have some good news. First, an idea just came up for adding the ability to do this manually using the "Message Students Who..." feature, https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/11509-more-options-for-message-students-who-from-gradebook" mo.... Second, there is a project in its early stages of user testing right now called Canvas X: Nudge that is aiming to do this very thing and potentially more. Check it out and stay in the loop on that conversation. For now I have marked this idea for voting.

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This feature would be great to have available.  It would also be nice if we could set the reminders to be more than 24 hours.

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Moodle has a great feature where a student can set their own reminder for each assessment task - for 1 day out to two weeks - this would be great to see in Canvas


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I would love to see this feature added for our students!

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I support this idea. We "sell" Canvas' intuitive and automatic notification system to faculty as a time-saver for them - a "teaching assistant" of sorts so they don't have to send manual announcements. This missing notification is, perhaps, among the most important notification a student could need.

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I can't figure out why, even though I'm logged in, I can't up-vote on this item.    I'm puzzled.   I click on "vote up," I get a spinning candycane pole (or whatever it is called), and then nothing happens.

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Instructure Alumni

 @appleton , your upvote was recorded:


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Yes, helpful option. But I would add to make it possible for instructors to choose when to have reminders sent. Any number of days before OR after the due date/time. And also how often (such as "every day" or "every 7 days" etc, until submitted). Let instructor select "before" or "after" as well as how often to repeat the reminder.

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I teach with Sakai (LMS) and they currently have a box to check which reads "Send a reminder email 24 hours before the due date" when editing or creating Assignments.  I always check this box and students have commented how much they like this feature.  Does Canvas offer this?  If not, they should!  Saves the time I spend on sending announcements out.