[Pages] Native HTML options (similar to cidilabs)

I feel theres a large option thats an easy win for Canvas missing at the moment and that is pre-designed html elements that can be readily slotted into pages by staff.  This is currently provided at cost by cidilabs as an external provider, but it would be far superior coming from Instructure themselves, particularly as they know what will and wont work with their own code!

I am desperately trying to find a working image carousel option but the limited html and css functionality is scuppering me at every turn, and the fixes I do find to put in place can break suddenly when new patches come out.  Having this natively within the RCE would be amazing and would put Canvas even further ahead of all its competition.  It's a common request from staff to my design team and would be a massive quality of life update.

Community Team
Community Team
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This sounds like it would be very helpful.

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Definitely would be useful

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This would be a great addition - one thing that Moodle did better than Canvas is a good image carousel. Sorely missed by lots of our creative lecturers.

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Please add this feature.

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This would be an amazing addition to Canvas

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This would be a very useful feature.

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Displaying images has always felt rather basic in Canvas. An image carousel and lightbox gallery would be great tools to have at our disposal.

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This would be a very useful addition.

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This would be a useful feature to have snippets of HTML code template that we can quickly insert.

Allow admin to have the ability to manage the list of code snippets so that we can expand our own collection of code templates.